Top 10 way, How to use eyeshadow and step by step guidelines (2020)

How to use eyeshadow: Do you know eyes can speak many things by eyes impression? And the eyes are the windows to the soul.

How to use eyeshadow 9
How to use eyeshadow

Eyes are warm and deep. So women are very interested to make attractive their eyes by care and doing makeup. Eyeshadow is one of the cosmetics that uses for applied on the eyelids and under eyes. Eye shadow adds depth and attractive look to your eyes. Therefore it’s very important to know how to use eyeshadow. If you know the proper dimension of using eyeshadow you can make your eye gorgeous. But many one doesn’t know how to use eyeshadow. Let’s now know, step by step how we can utilize the proper use of eyeshadow.

1 Eye primer

First and foremost, you need to set up your eyelids by eye primer. Most importantly, eye primer helps you to stay on eye makeup all day.

Primer is important to keep eyeshadow up when having greasy lids in the summer. Also, it helps to eyeshadow color look brighter and closer to your platter. You can use primer by makeup blender or finger or brush.

2 Concealer

 Use concealer for a perfect touch before applying eye shadow. Concealer hides under dark circles of your eyes. It best to use for discoloration.

3 Put neutral color over your lids

The rest of your eye look depends on the neutral shadow sweep that is the eye makeup base form. First of all, choose a neutral eyeshadow all over the crease. Afterward, for a dramatic look, you can use the darkest one. Use the base neutral eyeshadow slightly with an eyeshadow brush.

4 Blend to your crease in a darker color

Next draw a thick line into your crease and apply darker eyeshadow that matches your lid’s previous neutral color.

5 Use highlighter

If you want more fascinating you eye look put lightest and blend it into your crease.  Use that under the brow bone.

6 Apply light shade into the inner corner of the eye

Making eyes more appear wider and more awake, use the lightest color inside the corner in the eye.

How to use eyeshade for creating a Smokey eye

Well, people love to stay on-trend, new look and gorgeous. When the eyes become one of the best makeup parts that can give you a more catching look. Smokey eye look is most popular nowadays. However, many of us don’t know how to apply eyeshade for a Smokey eye. Here I will elaborate for you few steps of how you can create dark Smokey eyeshade.

Step No -1:

With a clean base start your first step. For long-lasting makeup and to easily blend eyeshades apply primer. To cover up discoloration use concealer on lids and under eyes. Put fixing powder to bring more adjustment of eyeshade.

Step No-2:

Take your eyeshade platter and set to black eye shadow over the outer corner and into the crease.

Step No-3:

Now, to avoid any harsh line blend out the eyeshade.

Step NO-4:

Every people have a different choice. So, if you want more fanaticism you can pack more color on it. Such as you can apply darkest any color.

Step NO-5:

For draw lash line, you can apply a gel or pencil liner.

Step No-6:

After that, to smudge it out blend this with your black eyeshade.

Step NO-7:

To create a more gorgeous look take eyeliner in the crease and deepen it perfectly.

Step NO-8:

Move on now, take the liner into under eyes.

Step NO-9:

To create a Smokey effect smudge it out in a proper way.

Step NO-10:

Now we reach the last step. If you want to finish your Smokey eye with the highlighter. Then apply shimmer on this.  

Tips on how to use eyeshadow

During eye makeup, we do many common mistakes. If you want a pro eyeshade to look you need to know some esprit tips. Here are some tips on how to use an eye shadow that gives you a flawless eye shadow look.

Perceive your eye shape

First, you have to need knowledge of your eye shape. According to knowing eye shape you can attach your eyeshade right way.

Using of primer

The use of a primer is best, to remove pigmentation, making a flawless eye and stay makeup all day long.

Decent brushes

Eye makeup tool is essential to create a good eye look. Before applying to make sure you take perfect blending eyeshade brush.

Blending technique

Mix your eye shadow in your brush and slightly blend it to create a harmonious look. Avoid much product and gently press the product on lid. Be Careful about brow bone art and under eyes shade.

For intensity use water

To set the eye shadow put eye shadow on a small eye brush then vapor it with water. It helps to deepen pigment. This method help to intensify your eye shadow color. But after this, you can’t blend your eye shadow again.

Match eye shadow with eye color

To find a natural eye shadow, apply neutral thin eye shadow over the lids that match with your eye color.

How to use eyeshadow for brown eyes

A beautiful brown-eyed girl can easily touch a man’s heart. If you are blessed with brown eyes then must say you are lucky. Now to make your eyes more fascinate put eye shadow in your lids. But maybe some of you don’t know how to apply eyeshadow for brown eyes. Below have some moves for your help to apply eye shadow for brown eyes.

Clean your eyes with a cotton pad. Cleanness is very important before applying makeup so don’t wash with harsh soap.

If you want to make your brown eyes flawless, use a primer to create this base makeup.

Then apply concealer to remove darkness and make a nice color combination on lids.

Take now a red-toned shadow and apply it to the crease of your eyes.

The next step is using metallic shadow. To make your brown eyes gorgeous and glossy use the metallic shadow middle of your lid.

To bring a glowing use ivory -colored shadow on the inner corners of the eye.

Select a matching color from the warm-toned palette. And blend gently with a brush. To complete look using a color from neutral palette will give finishing touch. Use eyeliner and mascara to show off your whole step.

How to use eyeshadow for beginners

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Every girl wants to make their eyes glossy and nice. Girls who don’t know how to makeup go to the parlor. But often they can’t go parlor for many reasons . So what they can do? That’s why if you learn the makeup by own self you can do that. Here are some steps on how to apply eyeshadow for beginners.

Use eyeshadow primer first on your lids

Next apply a base eye makeup. Base makeup means to use a nude eyeshadow that multiplier to your skin tone. Blend it perfectly.

Using a fluffy blending eye brush creates a crease by applying medium brown -toned shadow.

Now from the eyeshadow palette take any color and apply it on outer corners of eyes. Gently blend it.

After that apply pencil liner on the waterline. It gives a nice reflection on eyeshadow.

Many sweet women want the best output of their whole look. And the maximum percentage of makeup depends on the eye don’t skip eye makeup. But eye look needs to know how to use eyeshadow. I hope our guideline helps you to do this.

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