The best way, How to grow your nails overnight that fast and without oil

How to grow your nails overnight: Nowadays long nails are known as the fashion trend. Attractive nails give extra beauty to hands.

How to grow your nails overnight
How to grow your nails overnight

Therefore, If your nails long and have a nice shape, you can put there nice color nail polish that makes your finger more glamorous. Moreover growing healthy nails can boost your confidence whereas many professional strong ladies prefer long growing nails. That’s why many of you want to grow out your nails. However, many girls get to fail to improve the nails.  So, they go to salon for long gorgeous nails. But if you know how to grow your nails overnight, you don’t need to go salon. By following some direction you can grow out your nails naturally overnight. Therefore, let’s know How to grow your nails overnight.

Tips for how to grow your nails overnight

  • To help your nails grow quickly use very effective Garlic. Apply garlic paste twice a week to your skin. Your Nail must consume the juices so cut in half a garlic clove and rub it on your nails.
  • Wear gloves at all times, to shield the fingers from harmful chemicals.
  • Trim your nails regularly before going to bed, to get rid of any weak parts and apply petroleum jelly.
  • Dry and slender nails are prone to break. Using olive oil to moisturize the nails.
  • The hair, with formaldehyde, toluene, and sulfonamide polishes so avoid painting.

Nails health

First of all, Nails are also another part of the body so you need a balanced diet to grow healthy nails. Also, you need to very careful about some things. Here are some dos and don’ts for healthy nail care.


  • Keep your nail Clean.
  • Cut the toenails straight over
  • Make sure nail file is not old and dull
  • After washing nail, let them wet
  • Use lotion on fingernails


  • Don’t Bite your nails or pick your nails around the skin.
  • A small skin sliver where your nail is growing out of your finger, don’t cut these.
  • Use the Nail-Polish remover twice a month.
  • Using acrylic nails because these may be very harmful to your nail and are not recommended.
  • Don’t wear too-tight shoes, which can cramp your toes.

How to grow your nails overnight fast

If you want strong and beautiful nails, you need to know some tricks. And don’t worry about how to grow your nails overnight fast.  You can easily enlarge your nails by using the following tips.

1 Lemon juice

It is an essential element for improving your nails. Lemon juice help in removing yellow stains from nails. As in lemon have Vitamin-C so it’s very effective for the growth of nails.

How to use it

Mix 1 spoonful of lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl. Heat the solution in the microwave for about 20 seconds and soak your nails 10 minutes in it. Do this procedure every day.

Alert: Don’t use lemon juice if you have any cut in nails.

2 Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has nutrients that give the feet and the skin around the nails moisture and nourishment. Severally, this ensures a healthy and strong growth in the nails. It is great also for the treatment of fungal infections in the nails.

How to use it

In a mixer bowl, warm up some extra virgin coconut oil, and rub it into your fingers and toes. Massage through repetitive motions. This will help in blood circulation, which will foster nail growth. Before going to bed use this method every night.

3 Orange juice

 To keep your nails strong and healthy the svitamin C in the orange juice will help with collagen production.

How to use it

Squeeze the orange juice out into a tub. Soak your nails 10 minutes into it, and wash them. Don’t forget to properly moisturize them. Use it once a day for the faster growth of nails.

4 Olive Oil

To ensure that your nails are safe and grow strong, it’s necessary to keep them moisturized and nourished. Olive oil holds up vitamin E that improves circulation in the blood and simplifies the growth of the nails.

How to use it

Heat some olive oil, and massage it for about five minutes in your nails and cuticles. To let them sit overnight, wear your gloves.  Instead of that, you can soak your nails for 15 to 20 minutes in moist olive. You can use it once a day.

5 Food

Eggs contain Vitamin-D, B12, and biotin. Eggs are crucial to the development of bones in our body, nails, and hair. Beans and oats maintained nails growth. Another food is sunflower seed that is a powerhouse of nutrients.  It contains Copper and manganese that connective tissue bones and nails.

How to grow your nails overnight with vaseline

Vaseline is a great method to grow your nails overnight. Vaseline can be a complicated structure of clingy magnificence. Numerous times you should wash it out entirely. The use of small amounts of Vaseline is used for all styles, be it hair, skin or nails.

  • Before applying vaseline wash your hand first for stronger nails.
  • Don’t pinch on the gelly of petroleum! Place a large glob on all your nails.
  • Massage all that petroleum jelly around with your index finger. Especially, you need to attend to these areas: cuticles and where you can find these ugly hangnails.
  • Turn on for three to five minutes. This leaves time for the petroleum jelly to soak in and get its full reinforcing strength.
  • Make sure the petroleum jelly is all off.

Final words

Not so hard to grow out your nails. If you are tensed that How to grow your nails overnight. Don’t worry you exactly can improve stronger and healthy nails by adopting some rules and care. It really makes the biggest difference to eat the right foods and take care of your hands

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