How to apply pencil eyeliner that small eyes and bottom lid use system

How to apply pencil eyeliner: People can see another person’s soul through the eye. Because the eye is the most appealing part of the entire face.

How to apply pencil eyeliner 9
How to apply pencil eyeliner

You can expose many feelings through eyes like sadness, happiness, pleasure, arrogance, etc. Like much other makeup product, eyeliners are one of the most essential makeup tools to get a gorgeous eye look. There are a huge number of brands which produce different types of eyeliner.

Among all of the types of eyeliner, pencil eyeliner is good for a stand out eye look. Through pencil eyeliner, you can achieve a dramatic eye look. But the use of a pencil eyeliner difficult for them, who doesn’t know how to apply pencil eyeliner. Let’s know some simple tricks and tips on how to apply pencil eyeliner

Why we should use a pencil eyeliner

  • In Pencil eyeliner is added extract like jojoba, or Vitamins C or, E that protect the skin of eyelids. So pencil eyeliner is safe to wear.
  • Pencil eyeliner simple to use under eye waterline.
  • It can create a thinner line on the eye that give a natural look.
  • You can use it easily in big or small both eyes.
  • For a smoky eye, you can achieve the best smoky look eye makeup through pencil eyeliner.

How to apply pencil eyeliner step by step

The use of eyeliner is not an easy task for many to apply by themselves. But you can use a pencil eyeliner easy way than other eyeliner if you How to apply pencil eyeliner.

Step -1: In pencil eyeliner have also some pattern. If you want less intense color, use a power-based pencil eyeliner. If you want to draw cat -eye or winged gel or cream-based eyeliner is good. It provides you simple and excellent application. And if you want deep intensity eye shape, use liquid pencil eyeliner.

Step-2: many eyeliners manufactured following by eye types like sensitive eye and organic eye. To elongate lashes also is added serum in eyeliner. Who has an allergy problem eye, use non-allergic pencil eyeliner?

Step-3: well, avoid color eyeliner in the non-professional event. Dark pencil eyeliner is good for all eyes.

Step-5: Before applying eyeliner, clean your eyelid, clean around the lid and waterline.

More 5 steps how to apply pencil eyeliner

Step-6: Put the foundation on eyelids before the claim for eyeliner. It will keep eyeliner from running or fading. Also for a good touch, you can use a primer.

Step -7: Now place your elbow on a flat surface to steady your side for applying the eyeliner. 

Step-8: Apply pencil eyeliner as close to lash line .Then from the outer corner to the inner corner slowly draw a thin line for a natural look. After that draw outside the corner of the eye. For winged or cat-eye you need to 45-degree angle from the corner of the eye.

Step -9: You cannot harsh when start to draw the lower lid. Place the pencil liner gently one third size line than the upper lid. If you want to make your eye shape larger instead of one-third draw two-third to the inner corner.

Step -10: Do not use too much liner on the upper and lower because it can smudge. Lastly, If anywhere eyeliner smudges then fixed it with a cotton swab.

How to apply pencil eyeliner on small eyes

Some people have a small eye, which is very cute to see. When you decor those makeup staff, it looks more pretty. Using just eyeliner, you can give those eyes different attractive look. In this matter, if there pencil eyeliner, then it is more pleasant things.

Best 5 pencil eyeliner use for small eyes

1. First, spreading the liner in the eyelid to the crease. Now draw a line middle of the upper lid to the outer corner and make the line thicker.

2. Secondly, to create an enchanting look draw a line of shadow on top of your pencil liner with an angled brush.

3. Thirdly, Use a soft, dark-colored pencil to make short strokes along with the roots of your lashes. Hold the line thin and run over the whole upper eyelid. Doing so will make your lashes look longer, and your eyes appear larger.

4. Fourthly, draw your lower lid but don’t draw your entire lower lid. Start underneath your iris and draw a thin line to the end of your make it look elongated a little beyond the ends of your eyes Extend the liner.

5. At the last but not least, in the outer corners of your lips, add a dab of light-colored shimmering eye-shadow to the distance between the two sides. That will make your eyes wider. To get more eye makeup you can apply the rest of the make stuff for the gorgeous eye.

How to apply pencil eyeliner to the waterline

Waterline is a very sensitive area to draw with eyeliner but you can do it a simple way with pencil eyeliner. Especially the waterline should draw for a bolder eye look. It makes your eyes pop look and make a refresh eye look.

1. Apply concealer just below your under-eye with a fingertip so that eyeliner stay the place longer.

2. Look straight at the mirror and tilt your head down to facilitate application. Do not change your stance whilst doing this. Use your fingertips and tap your eyelid softly

3. Use a sleek eyeliner pencil and with sweeping movements, run the pencil along your waterline. You should still pull the lid down so the pencil won’t brush directly against your eye.

4. Use a fine eyeliner pencil because it’s easier to control the eyeliner.  When you pick a pencil, choose one which is designed to run along the waterline.

5. As you initially put it on, you will rub the eyeliner multiple times over the waterline. Nonetheless, you can stop later touching up the waterline. This can increase your risk of infection by as much as 30 percent.

Final word

The one way you can make your eyes pop and create drama in your looks is that you certainly have to go for the pencil of the eye. The pencil of the eye has been used as far back as the Egyptians and is still very popular today. To know how to apply pencil eyeliner you can follow our articles.

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