How to apply concealer for beginners with 20 Tips and benefit (2020)

How to apply concealer for beginners: Concealer used with a foundation as additional coverage to provide a smooth skin tone appearance.

How to apply concealer for beginners 9
How to apply concealer for beginners

It is one of the effective makeup ingredients to find a flawless skin. Therefore you have to know it how can be used in the right way. Whose makeup specialist, it’s not very difficult for them to use it. But it’s not so easy task how to apply concealer for beginners accurately. Everything needs perfection for a better output. Beginners are not first of all aware of its approach. So, here we made conception and steps on how to apply concealer for beginners.

5 benefits of concealer

Before forwarding how to apply concealer for beginners, it’s important for beginners to know its convenience. Let’s know about the benefits of concealer.

  • Concealer Hide imperfection in your skin like stains of any age,
  • Birthmarks, and minor scars.
  • Concealer will conceal dark circles and give you instant glow look.
  • Concealer can definitely make your features better.
  • Concealer also helps guard one’s skin against harmful ultraviolet sun rays.
  • It camouflages puffiness, blemishes, pigmentation and refresh tired eyes.

How to apply concealer for beginners step by step

Let’s start our main point at every step how can we apply concealer for beginners. Here we elaborately show how to apply concealer for beginners step by step can.

Select your shade: under skin tone and skin conditions, concealer comes in several color types and shapes. First, explore your skin status and fix what types concealer you need. For your kind information, now I will tell you some color corrector of concealer.

No-1: To reduce redness you can use green-tinted concealer.

NO-2: If you want to brighten your face use Yellow-tinted concealer.

NO-3: For Yellow-Tone Complexions can use Lavender Concealer.

No-4: To hide pimples and dark spots orange-tinted concealer is useful.

NO-5: You can use a concealer that is 1/2 light shade than your natural skin for covering scars and under eyes dark circles. But do not use too much light shade concealer.

Determine what kind of concealer you use

There are a few different forms of concealers including liquid, stick, and crayon, cream or cream-to-powder. All of these types endeavor to various coverage and following skin tone every concealer is better than one to another. Select concealer from the below directions.

NO-1: Avoid cream and stick concealer for large pores and oily skin. Because using that kind of concealer makes your pores bigger. Use liquid Concealer instead of this.

NO-2:  Who have acne, use pencil concealer? Pencil concealer is effective for acne-affected skin because it is easier to apply on acne spots.

Face cleaning

Clean your face before applying concealer, clean your face with face wash or cleansers. Afterward, Put on skin moisturizer.

Clear the lines under eyes: With a concealer brush or fingertip, to greasing concealer on under your eyes. Now, draw a triangle from one end of your under-eye to others.  Do not reveal the contrast between your skin and the concealer is noticeable which is why the concealer needs to be blended around the bottom. You need careful some things like;

NO-1: To blend concealer do not rub the concealer around the eyes. Gently dab the concealer with brush or fingertip.

NO-2: Once your eyes are deep-set, work the concealer up within your nose. The concealer application often neglects this field and will leave you still looking sleepy.

NO-3: apply your concealer to the very base of your lash line, just below your waterline.

NO-4: You need to attentive because if you sprinkle concealer in a U-shaped form under your eye may appear less natural, and may be visible in picture.

Put the concealer to spots and acne

Put the concealer to spots and acne to cover up acne, dark spots, Birthmarks, sun spots apply concealer on those places. If you have acne, do not use finger to blend it. So use a clean makeup brush to blend it.

Set the concealer

Set the concealer when all spots have been covered and blended accurately, set your concealer now. To set concealer, use the foundation rest of the face as well as over the top of the concealer. After that use the compact powder for a finishing touch.

How to apply concealer stick for beginners

There are many kinds of concealer types. Sticks concealer is the greatest multi tasked of them all. It is also easy to carry on a bag or purse. You can easily apply it to the inner V, the middle and just below the brow bone.  But you need to know the applying method if you are a new user of it. So let’s see how to apply the concealer stick for beginners.

Best 5 concealer stick

Number – 1

If you are afraid of threading, don’t worry stick concealer will help you. To cover up stray hairs apply it under your brow arches and Blend it gently with fingertips.

Number – 2

Sometimes lip liners don’t work as you want. Besides you can give your lip 3D look by using stick concealer and lipstick. Apply a small amount of stick concealer onto the middle of your top and bottom lip. After, smudging it with a finger. Be careful that don’t smudge it overboard.

Number – 3

It is easy to draw upside down triangles underneath both eyes as well as around the nose. After drawing blend it with a brush. It is also effective for neutralizes the under-eye circle and camouflage redness.

Number – 4

Stick concealer immensely prosperous to blur imperfection and darkness. Also, it works as doubles up night eyeshadow primer.

Number – 5

You can use the stick concealer as a contour. Put stick concealer under your cheekbones under the tip of your nose, under the jawline, under the chin tip, around the hairline, and down the side of the nose.


A concealer makes our makeup journey easier with its hack and tricks. It giving you an attractive look with its advantages. We hope from this article beginners can learn the Technic and can apply to follow the steps. Now how to apply concealer for beginners can be solved through this article.

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